Exhibition and podcast of Tove Jansson

Artist and creator of the Moomins

The Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland, is currently hosting an exhibition on Tove Jansson, with a focus on her artistic career. To complement the exhibition and specifically with an international audience in mind as traveling ​is still restricted, the museum has launched a podcast episode ​in English with the title Tove Jansson – more than the creator of Moomin.

Stories of summers in the Finnish archipelago and courageous choices

The podcast episode reveals fascinating, emotional, and heart-warming stories ​both from Tove Jansson´s (1914–2001) diverse professional as well as personal life. Her niece, Sophia Jansson, will take the listeners on a journey from summertime magic in the Finnish archipelago with velvet rock pools and treeless islands to topics touching on Jansson's incredible courage to be true to herself at a time when it was not always easy to be a woman in the creative field.

The episode is part of the Didrichsen podcast series A Cultural Oasis in Helsinki and can be listened to on SoundCloudSpotify or Apple Podcasts.

To paint is to be

The exhibition Tove Jansson – To paint is to be focuses on the art of Tove Jansson, multitalented visual artist, illustrator, and writer. To the world Jansson is mostly known as the creator of the famous Moomin Characters but she saw herself first and foremost as a painter. In addition, the exhibition displays works by her parents, who also were artists, as well as by colleagues, friends, and artists of the same generation.

The exhibition runs through August 22, 2021.

The Didrichsen Art Museum

The Didrichsen Art Museum was founded in 1965 by art collectors Marie-Louise and Gunnar Didrichsen and has become one of the most beloved art museums in Finland. Its collections include works by Finnish and international artists as well as artifacts from ancient cultures. Masterpieces of the 20th century from Wassily Kandinsky to Mark Rothko and Alberto Giacometti are currently on display together with other highlights of the collection in the museum´s 55 jubilee exhibition.

The first episode in the Didrichsen Art Museum podcast series A cultural Oasis – I lived in a museum – tells the story of how a couple’s passion for art led to the creation of this cultural gem. Listen to the episode.