PRESS RELEASE January 18th, 2022

BARLEYmax®, which is prebiotic, and the first naturally gluten-free Kebari® barley represent the new generation of health-enhancing wholegrains. They will be introduced into the North European market this spring by two Finnish companies.

BARLEYmax®, which contains a lot of health-enhancing, slowly digestible fiber, and the first naturally gluten-free Kebari® barleys represent the new generation of health-enhancing wholegrains. The new types of barleys are bred in Australia, and besides Australia, the first foods processed from these barleys are on the market in Japan and the USA. BARLEYmax and Kebari barleys suit for many products of milling, bakery and beverage industry, such as cereals, mueslis, bread products, snack bars, and production of beer and beer malt products.

The new barleys are introduced into the North European market this spring by Finnish companies. Golden Malt, a R&D company from Oulu, made a R&D and marketing co-operation agreement with the Australians. Golden Malt’s sales channel in North Europe is a Finnish co-operation company FoodFarm. This spring we get to deliver small test quantities of these new generation barleys to the food and beverage industry. Deliveries of larger quantities are planned to start in one year.

BARLEYmax® represents the new generation of wholegrains

BARLEYmax can be described as the flagship of the wholegrains’ new generation. It brings significant added value to the food use of barley with its prebiotic properties. The fiber content of BARLEYmax is not only significantly higher than standard barleys, but according to the experience of Australians, also clearly higher than wheat and oat. Hulless BARLEYmax® is a unique combination of four prebiotic fibers, including resistant starch and high betaglucan content. This nutritionally unique barley is bred to enhance our health by helping for example with weight control and thus preventing many diseases of affluence, such as intestinal and heart diseases, and diabetes.

Gluten-free Kebari® barleys for malting and foods

The world’s first naturally gluten-free Kebari® barleys are an expected innovation in the food and beverage industry. Kebari® barleys can be divided into two types: malting barley for breweries and beverage industry, and hulless food barley for food applications.

Kebari® malting barley has a gluten content of less than 5 ppm. Its malting quality slightly differs from the quality of generally used European malting barleys, but with suitable malting recipes which take the Kebari’s special characteristics into account, it offers an easy way to get naturally gluten-free, balanced barley malt for breweries and other beverage industries. Kebari® malt batches are delivered from our own malthouse located in Hausjärvi, Finland. The scalable drum-malting plant enables tailored product batches to our customers’ needs.

Hulless Kebari® barley is designed for food applications. Besides low gluten content, it has a high fiber content. Kebari® has a pleasant, neutral flavour, which gives possibilities to food product applications, for example in the mill and bakery industry. Deliveries of Kebari® barley for food applications will start later.

More information

Golden Malt is a Finnish company dedicated for development and production of novel premium quality cereal and specialty crop-based products. Golden Malt is a crop value chain management specialist with expertise from raw materials to processing and market products. Golden Malt’s particular business area is grain and seed products processed through germination.

FoodFarm is a Finnish company, specialized in the sales and marketing of healthy plant-based ingredients. The product selection is based on ingredients processed from oilseed hemp, such as whole and dehusked seed, hemp protein and hempseed oil, and germinated products. The product selection is now extended to other healthy special plants, of which the first product category is new types of barleys. FoodFarm’s customers are actors in food, feed and chemical industry, and wholesale customers.