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It is common for people to fall in love with a country’s culture after studying it. Furthermore, this love grows into a desire to learn not only the culture but the language as well. After mastering its basics, people want to establish communication with native speakers and make new friends. Nonetheless, you should be careful with it as common rules may not work there.

China is an amazing country. It has many unique characteristics that are not found in European countries, such as Feng Shui culture and tea ceremonies.

People begin learning Chinese due to various reasons:

  • Before moving to a new country to pursue higher education, people must learn its language. They will undoubtedly face the need to visit local libraries while conducting research. Many of them are equipped with PCs, allowing visitors to search the Best Writers Online and custom writing reviews services.
  • Some people come to China to teach English or IT, while others arrive to pursue a career as models.
  • Falling in love with China frequently leads to marriages with locals.

Communication with people from a country with millennial foundations has its peculiarities.

Peculiarities Of Communication With The Chinese

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When it comes to closing a profitable deal, reaching a general conclusion, or making friends, language is one of the most important tools that the Chinese use. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with this nation in its native language.

Their language has certain features that determine the productivity and outcome of the dialogue. Chinese communication is very different from that of other cultures. It is due to cultural traditions and customs.

Here are the rules you should consider when talking to a Chinese person:

  • Show them the utmost respect by using words of gratitude and emphasizing how much they helped you solve specific questions.
  • It is inappropriate to accuse the Chinese of being incorrect. They will never agree with you on that.
  • When you meet, you can shake hands or nod your head.
  • Do not show excessive discontent or joy when meeting a person, as the Chinese are usually calm.
  • As a token of your appreciation, you may present a small souvenir. Do not give expensive gifts.

Tips To Make Chinese Friends

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Written communication is one of the most effective ways to make contact with the Chinese. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn language structures that you can later apply when writing a paper, research paper, or article. If you continue to struggle with research writing, you can seek writing assistance from a Writing Judge review service.

Over a billion people live within China. As a result, you will have no trouble finding someone with whom to communicate. Making friends with the locals will provide you with an insider’s view of Chinese society.

They are always happy to show you their customs, traditions, and non-touristy attractions that only the locals are aware of. Here are some helpful hints to help you break out of your shell and begin practising your language skills:

Join WeChat Groups

WeChat is China’s most popular platform, combining features from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It also includes a mobile wallet, which allows you to purchase various items and gifts.

Giving gifts is a common practice among the Chinese. When you receive a gift, no matter how small, you can assume that you are already on the favourites list. You can easily find groups with people who share your interests by using the handy filters.

Try Local Activities

There are numerous activities to try in China, many of which are unique to Chinese culture. It will allow you to not only learn something new about the country but also make new friends.

Kung Fu is the Chinese’s second or even first passion. Every morning, a large number of Chinese people also gather in parks to do their morning exercises. It is the key to the locals' good health and long life. Anyone is welcome to participate in these mornings.

Make the most of this opportunity to start a new healthy habit, learn more about Chinese culture from the inside out, and meet new people.


When travelling, it is customary to stay in small hotels or hostels. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and even share the same route.

Learn Mandarin

You should learn conversational Mandarin if you want to make strong connections with the locals. You can do that using the FluentU platform. It has many videos, interactive flashcards, vocab lists, and personalized quizzes that change as you learn.

Check Local Platforms

Many Chinese cities have local platforms resembling a bulletin board or community forum where people can interact with one another and learn about relevant events. For example, if you want to make new friends in Beijing, go to Beijinger, and if you want to make new friends in Shanghai, go to Shanghaiist.

No Discussions Related To Chinese Politics Or History

For foreigners, it is a taboo subject. Simultaneously, prepare to discuss your country’s politics, business, and traditions, as the Chinese are always curious about what is going on in other countries.

China, like its people, is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. There is a cultural and linguistic difference between them and Europeans, which can be overcome if you understand

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